Company Profile

Hangzhou Xuyuan Non-woven Products Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing non-woven products in China.

Our products mainly cover Industrial Non-woven Fabric Wipes, Clean-room Wipes, Microfiber Wipes, Sanitary wipes, Beauty Salon products and colorful non-woven products. Our products are widely applied to  semiconductors, LCDs, LEDs, SMTs, PCBs, autos, labs, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and Salons. Some series can completely replace DuPont and Kimberly-Clark Wipes.

In order to progress our quality and technology, we have been upgraded our facilities and utilized the latest Spunlace skill and management into our plant. Moreover, due to a various customers' demands, Xuyuan has developed a wide range of non-woven products with different color and types of packing in each product category. 

We have obtained ISO 9001 certificate and our products have passed through SGS testing, and CE certificate in 2011.

We have exported our non-woven product into USA, Europe, South America, Japan, Korea, Australia and so on.

We strive to make our technology integrate seamlessly with our customers’ businessso they can keep growing and always stay one step ahead.

We commit to the highest levels and uncompromising product quality, reliability,flexibility and competitiveness.

We focus on continuously identifying and developing the next generations ofsolutions and products that will allow our customers to lead their markets.

Xuyuan Nonwoven Products, Your choice for better life.

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